Monthly Services

Professional Monthly Services add Value to Your Business

We provide the services that your business needs to grow. These include bookkeeping, payroll services, sales and excise reporting, bill paying, invoicing and internal and external report preparation.  Our services pay from themselves by providing you and your business with up-to-date management reports allowing you to make informed decisions for the future of your business.  Investing in business services saves hours of office work time and allows business owners to spend their time running their businesses.  We provide a wide range of monthly business services to our local and remote customers including, but not limited to:


Time-keeping and Payroll Services:  Let the Northern Hills Business and Tax Service staff take the worry out of paying your staff on time.  Our payroll professionals we handle paycheck calculation and deductions, pay any liabilities, handle quarterly and annual payroll reporting.  Our staff will keep you informed to any changes in reporting and payroll law.


Bookkeeping Services: Our staff can handle the back end work of tabulating expenses and income, reconciling statements, and provide you with a user friendly set of internal reports that will allow you to manage your business effectively and timely.


Sales, Excise, and Use Tax Compliance:  Northern Hills Business and Tax Staff works with our clients and the South Dakota Department of Revenue (and surrounding states) to help our clients navigate and comply with state tax laws, filings, and payments.  We strive to inform our clients of all law changes and requirements affecting their businesses.


Business Startup Services:  Our business startup services include helping you confirm the business is registered will all necessary governing bodies and consult on entity structure.  We will work with you to establish an accounting system and POS systems if needed.  Our staff can consult on setting up a record keeping system that is best for your business.  We will be there to offer advice as those “new to this” questions come up.


Maximizing your Business Deductions:  We want you and your business to pay the least money in taxes as legally possible.  We can consult on tax saving strategies any time through out the year.  Most of the planning we can help you and your business with goes out the door with the new year, so do not hesitate to visit with us often and early.


Audit Support:  Audits are part of owning a business, between workers comp and liability insurance, Sales and Excise tax, unemployment, and the IRS your business will likely be audited several times through out its lifetime.  Let our trained and knowledgeable staff help you create a set of books and business processes that are as “audit proof” as possible.  When those dreaded audits do occur, our staff can work as an agent for your business by communicating with the auditor, helping gather and present documentation, and  being a trusted advisor in these situations.


Consulting Services:  Northern Hills Business and Tax Service offers consulting services outside of our standard monthly and tax services.  We can combine our industry knowledge with bookkeeping and tax preparation services to create a plan that meets your goals, saves you tax, and improves your business.


Farm and Ranch Business Services Your farm or ranch usually involves multiple income streams and lots of potential deductions, credits and expenses to manage. Engage our monthly (or quarterly) services to insure that your operation is profitable and headed the direction you want to.  Set up a tax planning meeting now to asses this years potential tax implications and allow enough time to create a plan and take action on it.

Get Services Your Business Needs

If you are contemplating the addition of any of our services to your business, please consider setting up a meeting with our staff.  We are always excited to meet new people, learn about their business and operations, and provide cost effective, value added services if we are able.  Our consultations are total free and by no means a commitment to engagement of our services.  If we can’t help you out now, please keep us in mind for the future.


You need TAX advice?

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